Man of the World

Good time Charlie
Man about town
On top of the world
Charming the crowd

Buying time
Spend around
Lovin’ spoonfuls
Heaps aplenty
Yet spread thin for all
Never fully here
Nor there

Strive to finish line
Race toward foggy targets
Always slightly beyond reach
Goalposts keep moving

Pause awhile
Need relief
How do others find it?
Me too
Feels good
Don’t stop
Won’t stop
Can’t stop

One foot in the realm of hollow
A reserved seat in the den of darkness
Intentions uttered from shadows
Discipline crafted of onion paper

So easy to jump you
Were one a lustful, greedy, gluttonous spirit
You’d put up no fight
Welcome mat at the entrance of your soul

Valuing nothing
Giving it all away
At the mere mention
Of your desirability
Veiled flattery
Not even sincere
Need it be

Invading spirit
Could make you do anything
And everything
To feed its insatiable hunger
From time served
In the void of clambering undead

Gluttonous life
Fun at first
Until you no longer know
Where you end
Where they begin
No longer separate
Your self is lost

Beautiful boy
Stolen from potential
By a club of toxic ancestors
Who fell to the world’s influence
And never thought
To correct the path
For future journeymen
Such as you

— Zenya Bloom

Inspired by every man I’ve cared about — but could not rescue from the world’s toxic grasp
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