Your Broken Life

When your life breaks down, that’s your opportunity to rebuild it.

Only this time, you can make it better. You can choose it consciously instead of letting things fall into place by happenstance, the way that life generally happens.

As you make choices, seek counsel from your higher self.

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You have access to all of the wisdom in the Universe through your higher self. More importantly, your higher self knows everything about you and they can see the way forward from a higher perspective. Seek their counsel. It’s important.

If you are already into meditation or prayer, then simply use that time to get yourself as relaxed as possible.

If the concept of meditating is foreign to you, there are a zillion instructionals on the internet. But keep in mind, there is no right way to do it. All that matters is what works uniquely for you. It might take experimentation to find your favorite method. For now, the simplest way is to try this:

Cut out all distractions. Silence your devices. Move away from electronics if you can because they interfere with energy and the answers are pure energy. Get into a relaxed position.

Now, think of the things you love. This will put you into a higher state of being so that you can hear the answers. I tend to think of my favorite pets through the years, and this helps me settle into a loving state of relaxation. When we think of the people we love, sometimes that takes us into our heads because of concerns or past conflicts. Pets are the safest bet to enter a state of bliss.

Once you feel the love flowing in your heart, then ask your higher self anything. You can do it in your head. Speak out loud if you prefer but it’s not necessary.

The first ideas that pop into your “knowing” — that’s usually the answer. Explore those ideas. It doesn’t always happen in the brain. It usually happens in the “knowing” before you even get the chance to search your mind for answers. That’s because the answer came from ‘without’ (outside of your body) — not ‘within’. It is knowledge in the form of pure energy that gets transmitted to your body without going through your brain.

I tend to get in my own way. I suppose we all do, and that’s the trick of it — how to get out of your own way. We are so accustomed to searching our own minds for answers, but getting answers from your higher self is not like that. Listening for higher answers is a real gift. Anyone can do it but it takes practice to get the best insights. ‘Listening’ is not done with the ears. It happens in the chest region. This is the area where your soul communicates from – whether or not you are aware it is happening.

The whole ‘listening’ thing takes practice.
Shut down your thoughts and just “be”.
Stop thinking.
Instead… feel.
Feel the answers.
What are those feelings?
Unpack them.
No thinking.
Just feel.
Listen to your feelings.

Emotions (good and bad) are the power generator for your soul to communicate.

So don’t be afraid to feel your emotions.

If those feelings are negative, then it’s possibly because you have buried them and they want to come out now. Let them exit. It will be healing for you. Don’t shut it down without “feeling it” because that emotion is a blockage. You are unblocking it simply by acknowledging it. Let it go. Don’t stuff it back inside you! Let it go, dear one! Move through that until you feel better. Remember your original goal. This was just a healing detour.

As you relax with positive emotions, explore the way you are feeling and try to trace what ideas are making you feel that way. Steer your life toward the things that make you feel a bit of euphoria, a state of bliss or joy — things that feel like a ‘glowing’ inside your heart.

The answer won’t be a full book of instructions. Likely, it will be a feeling of knowing, a brief vision, thought, or word. Turn it into something bigger. This is the challenge. It’s your life, so it’s up to you to unpack the insights and create your new reality from that.

Don’t wait for instructions or assistance. Once you feel the gist of it (and it’s something that makes you feel “right”) then it’s up to you. You are the creator of your reality. Anything goes – what you think, you create. Just believe.

Good luck brave one! I’m rooting for you!

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