A New Way of Being

Life is not working out for a lot of people right now. From the poorest to the richest. From the less privileged to the most entitled. Every rule is out the window and very few are gliding through life the way they once did. The goalposts keep moving. The human experience is cycling at an accelerated rate.

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Photo by Pierre Châtel-Innocenti on Unsplash

Some of us are changing our ways to adapt and evolve into a new way of being. After all that I’ve studied, I believe this may be the only way to survive in the coming years. No matter how uncomfortable it is to shift the beliefs and methods we’ve embraced for a lifetime — it’s important that we do. It really is a matter of survival that we adapt to the new world.

Below are a few stories about people who have done just that. They were willing to shift gears in an entirely different direction so they could survive and thrive.

It’s very impressive how they innovated and braved the unknown. These are some pretty clever people! I hope these videos will help you to be inspired in finding your own ‘new path’. Carry on brave one! We are rooting for you!

Kindness can change a world…
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